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Slottica Issues Statement On ‘Affair’


Slottica Issues Statement On ‘Affair’

Slottica is a web based casino started in late 2021 by Slott Interactive. Since then, it’s been attempting to make itself better? How successful these efforts are, and will you trust integrity and fairness with such a new casino? Let’s find out.

Slottica has recently announced that all of its gaming partners have been contacted by the gaming organization to stop any misuse of game suppliers. In total, Slottica has removed all slots from its online gambling site and banned all online-gambling websites from using its logos, banners, etc. on their web pages. This is part of Slottica’s plan to strengthen its own integrity as a legitimate online-casino, as well as to protect the gaming industry from online-game scams.

The way this scandal began is somewhat mysterious. According to the gaming organization, Slottica allowed a high number of bonuses, in addition to a few hundred free spins on its slots machines, to be sent to its gaming partners without first making a deposit of their own. This made it look as though Slottica was providing incentives to its partners in order to get them to make initial deposits, but in fact this was a major breach of the no-deposit casino policy. The result of this cheating is that now all the online-gambling websites that used Slottica’s name in the names of their slots, poker rooms, or other gaming applications have been banned by the online gaming authorities. If you happen to know of any casino websites using Slottica as its casino name or have played with Slottica slot machines yourself, you must immediately report the cheating to Slottica and not to the respective gaming organizations, otherwise you may suffer the consequences of your actions.